Undergrad Siya Xuza meets with United States President Obama and the First Lady to discuss clean energy technologies for the developing world (link)

Remarks by the First Lady at Connecting Continents Event

Group alum Quentin van Overmeere to receive the Electrochemical Society Morris Cohen Award and Antonella Karlson Prize from Belgium science society. Congrats!

Viswanath’s VO2 cantilever actuation paper in Nanoscale selected as ‘HOT Article’

Direct in situ observation of structural transition driven actuation in VO2 utilizing electron transparent cantilevers

Nature reports on our group’s studies on correlated oxide electronics that could potentially enable energy-efficient transistors

Metal oxide chips show promise

Suhare Adam wins an IBM PhD Fellowship! Congrats.

Welcome new post-doctoral fellow Jian Shi from Univ Wisc-Mad MSE Department