Kats et al VO2 absorber paper is in the news (link1, link2, link3, link4) and featured on APL cover

Coated Sapphire Is Invisible to Infrared Cameras

SEAS Researchers Collaborate on Developing New Device

Physics Today – Daily edition

New ultrathin VO2 film device perfectly, reproducibly absorbs infrared light

Likovich, Jaramillo et al paper on oxide electrodes for LEDs is in the news (link), (link2)

In new quantum-dot LED design, researchers turn troublesome molecules to their advantage
Separating a single-layer of quantum dots with insulation increases efficiency

iShine, venture by a team of Harvard and MIT students based on ultra-thin oxide film synthesis technology (for environmental protection) created in our laboratory takes the top spot in Princeton Enterpreneur’s Network competition (link) and are in the running for the MIT Clean Energy Prize

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Recent work by Tsuchiya, Lai et al on fuel cells is featured in MIT Technology Review, EE Times, MRS News, Harvard Crimson among several technical media

Congrats to Changhyun Ko for successfully defending his PhD dissertation on “Structure-functional property relationships in thin film vanadium oxide”

Frost and Sullivan publish a brief discussing and highlighting potential advantages of our low temperature fuel cell technology for portable energy

Frost.com – Research, Growth Consulting, Events, Training

Bo Kuai Lai and Kian Kerman’s recent work on thin film solid oxide fuel cells in the spotlight . These results have been highlighted in 20+ news media including Physorg, Sciencenewsdaily, Harvard Crimson, Gazette and various technical/news portals across the world.

New fuel cell keeps going after the hydrogen runs out

Congratulations to Chia-Lin Chang for successfully defending his PhD dissertation on the problem of “Relationship between non-stoichiometry and passivity breakdown in ultra-thin oxides formed on Al and Al alloys”

Congratulations to Raf Jaramillo on receiving the Young Investigator award from APS for graduate work performed at UChicago in Rosenbaum group

2010 Rosalind Franklin Young Investigator Award to Jaramillo

Review article by Tsuchiya, Sankaranarayanan et al published in Progress in Materials Science is chosen among Sciencedirect TOP25 Hottest Articles in July-Sep ’09

MRS Bulletin highlights recent articles by A.C. Johnson; B.K. Lai et al on advancing ultra-thin oxide cathodes for low temperature solid oxide fuel cells

Masaru Tsuchiya graduated with a PhD. in Applied Physics. Congratulations Masaru!! He was also the recipient of a ‘MRS Graduate Student Award’ in 2008

Bo-Kuai Lai gave a Keynote presentation at Solid State Ionics conference (held in Toronto) on experimental demonstration of micro-solid oxide fuel cells that operate below 500C