Recent and Upcoming Events

Optical Phase Change Materials Special Issue

Submissions entertained for thematic issue on Optical Phase Change Materials in the journal Optical Materials Express.

Materials for Post-Moore Computing: 2018 APS Focus Topic

with J. J. Yang

Dynamics at solid-liquid interfaces: 2017 MRS Symposium

(with T. Z. Ward, K. H. Bevan, A. M. Tremblay)

Discussion on Electron Correlations, Sorrento

The Next Transistor: Information Processing Beyond CMOS, Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study Workshop, Cambridge, MA

Seminars & Workshops

Recent Group News

Nature Photonics publishes Commentary on our VO2 paper!

Mondal et al paper highlighted in Advanced Science News

Congrats to Michael Park for successful PhD defense !

Congrats to Qi Wang for successful PhD defense.

Science publishes commentary on recent AI paper

Nature Materials publishes commentary on our AI paper

Popular Mechanics publishes commentary on our recent paper!

IEEE Spectrum highlights Zhang et al study

Optica selects Kats et al VO2 paper as 2021 Highlight!

Sea slugs inspire AI research,-study-points-to-better-hardware-for-artificial-intelligence.html

SLAC highlights Sood et al VO2 paper

Kats et al VO2 paper makes the cover

cover image

Congrats to Chengzi Huang for successful PhD defense.

Argonne highlights Y. Sun et al paper on quantum electronic sensors

Correlated semiconductors feature appears in ACS magazine

You Zhou appointed Assistant Professor in the School of Engineering at University of Maryland. Congrats!

Kats et al paper on radiation control is in the news

MRS Bulletin Podcast on Jerome Lin’s VO2 neuron paper

Jerome Lin’s VO2 paper selected by Emerging Technology, MIT Technology Review as Best of Physics arxiv (9/8, 2018)

MRS video on materials for neuro-X

Realization of artificial ancestral intelligence

Xiaofei Guan to join Shanghai Tech University as Assistant Professor in School of Physical Science and Technology. Congrats!

Our collaborative artificial neuron IEDM paper is discussed in EE Times

Feng Yan appointed Assistant Professor of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering at University of Alabama. Congrats!

News and Views piece by Drs. Zhou and Shao on our recent paper appears in Nature Energy

Hydrogen induced insulation, by Zhou and Shao in Nat. Energy.

Suhare Adam successfully defends her PhD dissertation. She will join the Boston Consulting Group (BCG). Congrats!

Kats et al VO2 paper is in the news

NSF workshop report on Energy Efficient Computing is released!

Jikun Chen appointed as Associate Professor at University of Science and Technology (Beijing, China). Congrats!

Kian Kerman joins the Technical Staff at Quantum Scape. Congrats!

Franklin Wong joins the Technical Staff at Nanometrics. Congrats!

Shi and Ha et al oxide transistor paper is disussed in technical magazines: (R&D Magazine, EE Times, Gizmag, Materials Today)

Synaptic transistor learns while it computes

Synaptic transistor learns as it switches

Harvard scientists develop a transistor that learns

Brain-inspired transistor stimulates learning process

Kats et al VO2 Metamaterial paper is in the news (Photonics, Pysics World, Science News, MRS)

Coating Provides ‘IR Camouflage’

Natural metamaterial looks cooler when heated

Material looks cool while heating up

Vanadium Oxide Metamaterial Structure Appears to Cool as it Heats

Kats et al Vanadium dioxide perfect absorber paper is selected as one of ‘The Best of Papers of 2012’ published in Applied Physics Letters

Undergrad Siya Xuza meets with United States President Obama and the First Lady to discuss clean energy technologies for the developing world (link)

Remarks by the First Lady at Connecting Continents Event

Group alum Quentin van Overmeere to receive the Electrochemical Society Morris Cohen Award and Antonella Karlson Prize from Belgium science society. Congrats!

Viswanath’s VO2 cantilever actuation paper in Nanoscale selected as ‘HOT Article’

Direct in situ observation of structural transition driven actuation in VO2 utilizing electron transparent cantilevers

Nature reports on our group’s studies on correlated oxide electronics that could potentially enable energy-efficient transistors

Metal oxide chips show promise

Suhare Adam wins an IBM PhD Fellowship! Congrats.