• International Workshop on Oxide Electronics

    Title: Complex oxides for brain sciences

  • International Workshop on Thin Films for Electronics

    Title: Phase changing oxide semiconductors

  • International MRS Meeting, Mexico

    Title: Insulator-metal transitions for brain sciences and AI

  • APS March Meeting

    Title: Ionic gating of correlated nickelates

  • SPIE DSS Meeting

    Title: Phase changing oxides for emerging photonics

  • OSA Advanced Photonics Conference

    Title: Mott insulators as active photonic elements

  • SPIE Opto Meeting

    Title: Phase changing oxides for photonic devices

  •  International Conference on Defects in Semiconductors

    Title: Complex oxides for animal-machine interfaces

  • ACerS EMA Meeting

    Title: Ion conducting quantum materials

  • SPIE DSS Meeting

    Title: Correlated quantum materials for electrochemical energy

  • Materials Research Society Meeting

    Title: Strongly correlated oxides for haptics

  • Materials Research Society Meeting

    Title:Phase changing complex oxides as active photonic materials

  • Materials Research Society Meeting

    Title: Continuous thermal tunability of VO2-SiO2 nano-composite capacitors

  • Materials Research Society Meeting

    Title: Electrochromic perovskite windows

  • Quantum Materials, CINT

    Title: Animal intelligence from emergent physics

  • American Vacuum Society Symposium

    Title: Organismic intelligence

  • Electrochemical Society Meeting

    Title: Battery-like response in solid oxide fuel cells

  • Electrochemical Society Meeting

    Title: Light element doping of strongly correlated semiconductor SmNiO3

  • Frontiers of Oxide Devices and Materials Symposium

    Title: Organismic intelligence and learning

  • TMS Annual Meeting

    Title: Fuel cell-battery hybrid system for electricity grid stability

  • American Physical Society March Meeting

    Title: Quantum matter for artificial intelligence and brain sciences

  • Materials Research Society Meeting

    Title: Collapse and recovery of strong correlations in vanadium dioxide interfaces

  • Materials Research Society Meeting

    Title: Reversible phase modulations in nickelates

  • APS ANL Workshop

    Title: Emergent intelligence

  • Materials Research Society Meeting

    Title: Organismic materials and intelligence

  • Electrochemical Society Meeting

    Title: Strongly correlated wide gap semiconductors

  • American Ceramics Society EMA Meeting

    Title: Adaptive oxide electronics

  • American Ceramics Society EMA Meeting

    Title: 2D oxide composite skins for autonomous systems

  • German Physical Society Meeting

    Title: Evolutionary biology and neural computing with quantum materials

  • Materials Research Society Meeting

    Title: Complex oxides for brain science and robotics explorations

  • Materials Research Society Meeting

    Title: Hydrogen induced Mott transition

  • Materials Research Society Meeting

    Title: Investigating strong correlations in perovskite nickelates

  • Materials Research Society Meeting

    Title: Apatite based fuel cells

  • CLEO Conference, CA

    Title: Phase change materials for emerging photonics

  • Energy Efficient Systems Workshop, China

    Title: The Hare, the Tortoise and the race for the next switch

  • Neuromorphics Workshop, CA

    Title: Intelligence and its emergence

  • APS-ANL Workshop, IL

    Title: Complex oxides and brain science explorations

  • APS March Meeting

    Title: Transport and Raman studies of electron-doped SmNiO3 films

  • Oxide Thin Films Conference

    Title: Complex oxides and the Philosopher’s stone

  • MRS Spring Meeting

          Title: Epitaxial VO2 on nitride semiconductors

  • MRS Spring Meeting

          Title: Nanowire WOx sensors

  • TMS Annual Meeting

          Title: Solid oxide fuel cell – storage hybrid device