Congratulations to Chia-Lin Chang for successfully defending his PhD dissertation on the problem of “Relationship between non-stoichiometry and passivity breakdown in ultra-thin oxides formed on Al and Al alloys”

Congratulations to Raf Jaramillo on receiving the Young Investigator award from APS for graduate work performed at UChicago in Rosenbaum group

2010 Rosalind Franklin Young Investigator Award to Jaramillo

“Thin Film Metal-Oxides: Fundamentals and Applications in Electronics and Energy”, edited book is published by Springer-Verlag.

Thin Film Metal-Oxides

Review article by Tsuchiya, Sankaranarayanan et al published in Progress in Materials Science is chosen among Sciencedirect TOP25 Hottest Articles in July-Sep ’09

MRS Bulletin highlights recent articles by A.C. Johnson; B.K. Lai et al on advancing ultra-thin oxide cathodes for low temperature solid oxide fuel cells

Masaru Tsuchiya graduated with a PhD. in Applied Physics. Congratulations Masaru!! He was also the recipient of a ‘MRS Graduate Student Award’ in 2008