MRS Spring Meeting

Title: Solid state fuel cells incorporating correlated electron systems

SPIE Photonics, SFO

Title: Synthesis, interface symmetry and electronic properties of heteroepitaxial VO2 films

International Ceramics Congress, Italy

Title: Correlated oxide electronics

M&M Conference

Title: Visualizing the phase transition in vanadium dioxide

American Ceramic Society Electronic Materials and Applications

Title: Metal-insulator transition electronics

MRS Fall Meeting, Boston

Title: Thermodynamics of electrons at vanadium dioxide interfaces

Africa – Materials Research Society Conference, Ethiopia

Title: Ultra-Thin Film Proton Conducting Micro-Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

SOFC-XII, Okinawa

Title: Performance of ultra-thin solid oxide fuel cells in methane and natural gas

MRS Fall Meeting, Boston

Title: Correlated electron membrane transistors

MRS Fall Meeting, Boston

Title: Thermodynamic control of oxide semiconductor synthesis for field effect transistors