MRS Fall Meeting

Title: Control of metal-insulator transitions by electrolyte gating

International Society of Electrochemistry Meeting, Lausanne

Title: Point defects at oxide interfaces and passive state breakdown

IEEE Microwave Symposium

Title: The Mott metal-insulator transition transistor

IEEE Photonics

Title: Vanadium dioxide for emerging photonics

Professor Lester Eastman Conference on high Performance Devices

Title: Mott transition electronics

AVS Annual Meeting

Title: Experimental techniques to study point defects at oxide surfaces/interfaces

Physics at the Falls, NY

Title: Gating correlated electron systems


Title: A critical examination of the Mott transition transistor

ASME Meeting

Title: Intermediate temperature micro-solid state fuel cells

APS March meeting

Title: Origins of bad metal conductivity and insulator-metal transition in nickelates